Energy Savings For Business Program
Project Application – Introduction
I am a Customer

The Energy Savings for Business Program pays up to 70% of the total cost for your business to buy and install energy efficiency equipment, lowering your energy cost and saving you money. To get started you can choose to work with one of our Service Providers who will help you through the application and install process or get started now by completing step one and two of our application process.

I am a Service Provider

Service Providers are technical partners who are closely familiar with the Pepco Energy Savings for Business Program’s guidelines and are integral to the program. Service Providers assist customers in meeting their energy savings goal and advising new customers of the incentives available to them through the program.

Application Process

  1. The Service Provider will complete and submit the project application.
  2. Program staff will review the submitted documentation for project application Pre-Approval.
  3. The Service Provider will submit the customer invoice and acknowledgment of project completion.
  4. Following final approval processing, the Program will distribute the incentive check to the payee as listed in the project application.